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Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats – Best for Anxiety, Pain & Arthritis

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Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats blends Ayurvedic principles with lab research to treat age-related and severe pet problems. CBD Oil for dogs and cats is 100% safe and pet-friendly.

Our pets regularly get harmed playing and limp or lay low while healing. Our CBD Oil relieves pain and speeds up dog healing.

How We Choosed the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Providing CBD customers with the finest advice requires objectivity. For this, we use numerous benchmarks. No brand will score ideal in all of the aforementioned areas, but we seek for brands who balance them.

Third-party lab testing

Due to customer awareness of the industry's unregulated nature, most CBD products are third-party lab tested. Third-party tests rule out pesticides, fungus, bacteria, and heavy metals and ensure responsibility. Proper testing are clear and detail the product's cannabinoid and terpene compositions.

Is CBD Oil? CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabis (marijuana) and hemp plants produce CBD oil. Labs can make synthetic CBD. CBD may provide medical benefits, but there isn't enough evidence on its safety, long-term negative effects, or efficacy in humans. Cannabis has several active components. CBD and THC matter most.

THC causes “high,” but CBD does not. THC comes in different forms, whereas CBD is usually oil. It includes the green plant. CBD improves biological functions via binding to receptors in the brain, spinal cord, intestines, muscles, bones, liver, spleen, heart, and lungs.

Is Dog CBD Oil Safe?

The safety of CBD in dogs is unknown due to a lack of study. Talking to your dog's vet before giving him CBD is crucial. CBD for dogs: Your vet will discuss the dangers and advantages and decide if it's right for your dog. CBD will be advised by your vet with a safe dosing range for your dog.

CBD affects liver enzymes that metabolize drugs, according to research. CBD oil may interact negatively with your dog's medicine.

Should Dogs Get CBD Oil for Pain?

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine conducted one of the first CBD-dog research. The study investigated how CBD can relieve dog suffering. The study found that over 80% of arthritic dogs had less discomfort. This reduces discomfort, making dogs more comfortable and active. High dosing sparked concerns regarding CBD's short-term safety. Instead of using CBD products for your dog's pain, your vet should assess them and prescribe traditional pain and anti-inflammatory treatments, depending on their condition. Dogs with arthritis can benefit from joint and fish oil supplements.

Does Your Dog Need CBD Oil for Anxiety?

A recent study gave canines CBD chews before a stressful situation. Of the dogs studied, 83% indicated less tension or anxiety. The conclusion was that more research utilizing different CBD products and dosages is needed to treat dog anxiety with CBD. A western Australia trial on CBD for reactive dogs showed promise in reducing shelter dog reactivity. These two studies may lead to CBD use in dogs for behavioral disorders, but you should work with your veterinarian and a certified dog trainer or behaviorist to tackle these concerns.

How Much CBD Oil Can Dogs Have?

CBD dose for dogs depends on the pet's age, size, weight, reaction, condition, and product (concentration, purity, formulation). Pet CBD products have lower CBD concentrations than human CBD products. Always visit your vet before giving your dog any CBD product and discuss the correct dose. Be aware of toxicity and unpleasant reactions and monitor your dog closely.

Best Dog CBD Oil 2024

1. Colorado Botanicals: After a dominant 2023, Colorado Botanicals continues its history in 2024. Good products must start from scratch. Thus, Colorado Botanicals understands sourcing and production, among other important areas. Wide-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp extracts are made in an FDA-registered facility and ISO 9001-certified lab. Colorado Botanicals uses manufacturers' approved methods and equipment to make CBD hemp oil. We also admire the vendor's innovative extraction method. Conventional CO2, the cleanest method, uses tremendous heat. Since most cannabinoids and terpenes are destroyed, the end product has a fraction of the potency of the plant source.

To maintain potency, Colorado Botanicals updated their CO2 technique. The business uses low-temperature equipment to neatly extract cannabinoids and terpenes with qualified workers, chemists, and engineers. The Colorado Botanicals method maintains five times more cannabis components than its competitors, including CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV, CBT, and more. Third-party testing is essential. Colorado Botanicals examines its goods from seed to sale for safety. In order to avoid issues, the seller cleans the soil before cultivating its own non-GMO hemp plants. Similar testing occurs throughout extraction and manufacturing. This multi-step CBD hemp oil production process virtually eliminates bacteria, fungi, chemicals, and heavy metals. Colorado Botanicals guarantees their goods for 60 days. CBD users and their pets can return opened or unopened hemp oil for a full refund if they're not satisfied.

2. Chill Paws: One of many CBD sellers that provide only dog CBD oil and other items, Chill Paws is new to our list. In addition to CBD hemp oil extracts, the company sells CBD dog treats, cat goods, and CBD balm. After treating an unwell 12-year-old Himalayan cat with CBD, Tim Nasimul founded the company in 2019. He found that hemp oil CBD products at pet stores were pricey and hard to acquire high-quality CBD oil for dogs and other pets.

Chill Paws CBD Oil for Dogs offers much. Whole-plant full-spectrum CBD is optimal for substantial medicinal benefits. We must acknowledge that full-spectrum CBD oil for pets contains THC. The amount is small and shouldn't be intoxicating. For piece of mind, third-party test reports are available. CO2-extracted Chill Paws CBD Oil for Dogs has no trace solvents, however quality may vary. Chill Paws products are more expensive than CBD for humans, but their expertise makes them worth it.

3. Medterra, founded in 2017, is a newer brand. Their seven-year run was productive. The company sells an impressive array of CBD goods, including dog CBD oil. They provide high-THC “true full-spectrum” and ordinary full-spectrum, but their pet choice is isolate suspended in MCT oil. We like the brand's honesty, which discloses one of the best purifying methods. According to Medterra, their CO2 extraction technology removes inert components and maximizes active compounds from hemp plant material. Customers can shop for their pets with Medterra's history, production, and extraction method explained and third-party cannabinoid tests.

Unfortunately, Medterra fails testing. Terpenes are not found in their full-spectrum or “true full-spectrum” options. They can get away with this since their CBD oil for pets is isolation, devoid of everything except CBD. Animals have other options besides oil. CBD dog treats without cannabinoids are made with natural extracts for sleep or joint health.

4. Penelope's Bloom: Kerstin Minassian developed another new challenger. The brand's origins resemble Chill Paws, our second-place pick. Kerstin Minassian wanted to avoid harmful and expensive prescription medicines after her French bulldog Penelope had back surgery. However, disc degeneration discomfort must be managed, especially in older dogs. Most suppliers ignored pet CBD oil at the time. Minassian decided to offer dogs and cats high-quality, inexpensive, and effective CBD products. Like its counterpart, Penelope's Bloom sells animal CBD products, which we admire. In a sea of subpar CBD oil or “for pets,” Penelope's Bloom offers reliable therapeutic solutions.

5. Honest Paws: Our next contestant deserves “Honest Paws”. The 2016-founded business is popular with pet parents seeking trustworthy therapeutic effects. After pharmaceutical drugs failed to treat her dog's many medical demands, CEO and founder Chelsea Hunt-River tried CBD. After learning about CBD and cannabis-derived treatment, she bought CBD oil online. Chelsea recovered almost completely in a month. The product she bought was for humans. CBD was unknown in 2016, but similarly effective. In the early days of pet products, strict manufacturing requirements were rare.

River-Hunt founded Honest Paws to reach an untapped market. Today, the brand offers more than CBD hemp oil for dogs. Years in the industry lead to a vast product range with CBD dog treats, topicals, non-cannabinoid health supplements, and more. CBD-infused peanut butter is sure to please canines.


Topical: Apply to your pet's coat or affected region at night as directed by your vet. Give directly or mix with food/treats for optimal effects.


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